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Drums / Vocals

Having participated in high school and college bands, drum & bugle corps and playing in a variety of rock bands, Ted has been playing and teaching percussion for many years.  The Metroplexers' sound depends on our 3 and 4 part harmonies and Ted delivers great vocals while keeping the dance-beats going!

In 2017, the band moved to full electronic drums to give us a huge variety of sounds from every era and total control over our stage volume.  Ted carefully customizes each virtual drum kit to match the style of the original material while adding his own flair and solid rhythm.  His sense of humor and infectious laugh keeps us all smiling.

He’s an Air Force veteran and a die-hard fan of the Nashville Predators.   You can catch him on occasion sitting-in with other bands playing acoustic drums, electronic drums, and even the cajon!  Ted works in the healthcare industry and

is active with his Singles Group at church.